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Thứ năm, 16/10/2014

These products are distributed by Thien Nhan at factories manufacturing parts and accessories of the largest in Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan.

Usually the noise is often generated in the following main components: engine, transmission, brakes - shocks ... Also strange noises are emitted at the driving position neck, plastic frame car ... When it appears that a strange noise that you need to get the car to go check in time to avoid future failures.


When you start the engine after 5 minutes, we heard a knock on the sizeable and continuously from the engine. Predicting this phenomenon is due to the curved rod, striking with the crankshaft cheek. This error is an error the whole scooter after years of regular use or operate in bad condition. 

One common error is heard in mobin plasm machine, but when it does not work the engine. This error comes from 80% of the problem, namely the broken threads causing sliding bearings. When this error should thoroughly inspect and replace bi new problem. 

The phenomenon of machine type, abnormal heat, vibration is sometimes accompanied by: Using the wrong spark plug type; Standard wrong temperature (Hot-Cold). If the spark plug fitted with a smaller heat index provisions inconsistent with the standards of the pin engine spark plug will overheat resulting in the expression above.

Engine damage often seriously damaged should be professional motorcycle mechanic thoroughly inspect and accurately to overcome the most thorough and savings.


Motorcycle when accelerating sharply, we heard the clanking of the chain gear. This call is likely due to sagging slugs, salamanders or worn forks and causing jumping slug, hit the protective box and make loud clanking. 

In the rainy season is the most common scooters getting rain, flooding, heard the engine revved, but the vehicle does not move: the cause is due to the water pot to make belts are slipping or the surface contact between the clutch and the bell slipping causing the vehicle standing for a seat despite their up full throttle. Side solutions is waiting the vehicle drain, after that, the vehicle could run but need to take the vehicle to the technic station check and clean it immediately. There also can be overcome by changing Josho1 CVT it will limit that problem because the rough drilling bell Josho1 will make the water out fast and the great surface contact between the clutch and bell.

An important issue that the majority of people go scooter ignore that is after the flooding does not change gear oil and checking gears. Because when submerged, the gear will be absorbed the water and makes the gear oil being acidification do the gears are destroyed, create a loud noise and the engine feel heavy, waste a lot of fuel.

On the issue of the scooter gear if in time too long do not change gear oil regular, will increase speed of the gears wear, causing the howling, the impact, after a long time will make the greater damage, broken, chipped teeth and slide the gear make the vehicle inoperable.


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