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Thứ năm, 16/10/2014

Right from the beginning of its inception, Thien Nhan has identified himself a clear direction: Take the best of motorcycle parts, assembly standards for motorcycle manufacturers leading to Vietnamese consumers Male with most reasonable price.


Thien Nhan Co. Ltd started operations in the field of motorcycle parts from 1999.

Right from the start when established, the Patient has to determine for themselves a clear path: Take these products a good motorcycle parts, standard Assembly for the world's top motorcycle firm to the consumers at reasonable prices for Vietnam.

The products are distributed by Thien Nhan are manufactured in the factory spare, auxiliary in the largest type in Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Dried. There are papules around the famous worldwide such as: Bando belts, brake, sprockets & chain SIAM, silver bullets TPI. All have clear origin, quality O.E. M standard (standard Assembly for plants such as Honda, Yamaha, ...) and at a reasonable price.

More and more companies, agents, stores, engineers, auto mechanics select Thien Nhan is a trusted partner to supply spare parts. 

Many consumers with increasing understanding and choice of products for their beloved motorcycle.

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